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A desicion a storm and annoying tech support

So after much deliberating and procrastination I finally settled on a book to read. Or rather a series of books one which I sadly admit I’ve never read in the entirety.
So decision made all that’s left to do is buy and download the book easy right?
So wrong I ordered I paid I went to download….no book. Called support as this had never happened before and to be fair I did wait an hour to call.
I get someone who keeps calling me Kate my name is Faith and she insists I bought the dvd not the book. Anyone who owns a nook knows this impossible to do from the nook.
Add to that the fact that it was a five book set and only the first was ever made into a movie.
So after I told off the woman for saying I didn’t know the difference between an ebook and a dvd(I only have 157 ebooks I can see where I might be confused) I can finally sit down to read my first book for the blog which shall be The Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy, the ultimate five book ebook edition was only 11.99 go deals!
Love always,


What to do what to do…

Or rather what to read, what to read? The question on my mind all day has been what should I read first, and what will that say about me? About the blog?
After all the first book will set the tone for the blog, and say quite a bit about me personally . So do I pick something light and frivolous or deep and thought provoking. Something from my absolutely favorite author or by someone new.
Then I wondered if I should begin with a regular novel or young adult fiction.
I think I’ve decided on Neverwhere by Neil Gaiman, but who knows I may change my mind five minutes from now.
On the random tangent front I wrote this post completely on my blackberry woot, also picked two ripe strawberries from the garden today they were super yummy.

Love always,

Welcome to Girl Meets Word, a completely random unplanned possibly insane undertaking……

So before plunging right in I felt I should write a post to introduce myself give you all a little inside info on who I am and why I’m doing this. You can all call me Faith or you know the crazy chicks who reads too much and goes off into completely random tangents.(Fyi my garden produced it’s first piece of produce today a jalapeno!)<- like that. Other than that I love to read, I love books I love words, I truly believe they are magic.

Other things you should know I own an eReader, it’s a Nook I adore it. Yes any day of the week I would prefer a real paper book in my hands,however books are expensive and when you aren’t settled in life as I’m not every time you move you lose all of them for lack of the money to ship them. It’s heartbreaking so untill I am settled in one place more securely all my books save a handful of special ones are on my Nook. E-Readers are not inherently evil and are not the death of real book but they do serve a purpose even for die-hard real book lovers so give them and those of us who own them a break, anything that makes reading more accessible is ok by me.

Another thing, I am a  fan of what I like to call literary junk food. Think of that one horrible pop song you secretly love,sing along to in the car know all the words to. Think of that insane craving you get once in a blue moon for McDonald’s, well there are books like that too. They aren’t particularly well written or important, they’re more than likely ridiculously cheesy and you would cringe to have anyone see you read them *cough* twilight *cough*. But they have their place and I don’t feel the need to demonize them, no one will like every book ever written and I don’t understand the vehemence  against these book, after all isn’t anything that gets a teen to read for fun a good thing?

Other than that I am 29 female(duh) a student who still has no idea what I want to do with my life other than live in a small cottage surrounded by books. I am mildly dyslexic so please pardon my spelling grammar mistakes I don’t always notice them and spellcheck is not all-knowing although for some reason mine has gallifreyan in its dictionary and that is epic win any day.

The rest I guess you’ll learn along the way thanks for reading come back soon, or soonish you know life is busy. Feel free to drop me some suggestions for reading material anytime and ask me anything I might even answer.

Love Always, Faith


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