What to do what to do…

Or rather what to read, what to read? The question on my mind all day has been what should I read first, and what will that say about me? About the blog?
After all the first book will set the tone for the blog, and say quite a bit about me personally . So do I pick something light and frivolous or deep and thought provoking. Something from my absolutely favorite author or by someone new.
Then I wondered if I should begin with a regular novel or young adult fiction.
I think I’ve decided on Neverwhere by Neil Gaiman, but who knows I may change my mind five minutes from now.
On the random tangent front I wrote this post completely on my blackberry woot, also picked two ripe strawberries from the garden today they were super yummy.

Love always,


About Faith Nicole

Someday I shall figure out what I want to do with my life, until then I shall read every book that falls into my lap and live every life imaginable through them. View all posts by Faith Nicole

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