We are Romans………

Guilty, not guilty…I don’t know, and America neither do you. The truth of the matter is no one knows except the people involved what actually happened.

The truth is the prosecution lacked the evidence to convict without reasonable doubt.

The fact is a jury of her peers when presented with all the evidence found her not guilty.

Like it or not that is how the American justice system works, and I think its important to remember now the day after our nation celebrated its creation that we are AMERICA that we are innocent untill proven guilty, not guilty because the masses think so.

To watch the news and the American justice system in the last decade or so of my life has sickened me as it becomes more and more sensationalized and less and less about justice.

We have become romans feeding proverbial christians to the lions. The defendants in high-profile cases are now guilty untill the american psyche decides they’re innocent. The defendants the christians, the Media the Lions feeding off their pain, suffering, innocence, and guilt and not caring which they are as long as they can make a dollar off it.

People like Nancy Grace scream and wail and cry and call people murders and evil and amoral, the truth doesn’t matter to people like Nancy grace, what matters is that the masses tune in and listen to her drivel, buy her books and pay to see her in person.

In the Media we pit the prosecutor and defense teams against each other like gladiators in the pit, the winner gets an illustrious career, the loser is a joke their career a rotting corpse.

This is not entertainment people, this is someone’s life, this is real not reality t.v real, but actual life with actual consequences.

And before you yell and scream and pass judgment  remember you weren’t there, you don’t know, you are not God to pass judgment and decide the fate of these people.

I don’t know if Casey Anthony Killed her daughter or not I probably never will know and I’m ok with that. Because her life and her pain and her suffering are not a circus for me to cheer at. She is not a villain in my life that I must boo and be against, she is a human being and like it or not was found not guilty and deserves the same respect all humans deserve.

And the same rights, we need to shut off our tv’s, throw away our tabloids and focus on our own lives and let her and her family move on with theirs.

We learn from the past or we repeat it, let us not go the way of Rome, I have to believe we are better than that.


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