I am back from the land of no internet.

And into the land of stupidly busy…

I may have forgotten to mention this but right after starting thi blog I moved 1500 miles away to the hot dry half on fire state of Texas. I love Texas even if it is filled with the ultra stupid at times.

So I guess this is my obligatory gee sorry for not posting port. but ya know Moving time consuming expensive internet costs money. Also, I decided to take 3 literature courses this semester….I am insane yes thank you for asking. I have one novel, one old english story(Sir Gawain and the green knight) and a heaping bunch of Ghazells to read this week and three papers.

*shoots self*

But I also have the itch to write so I’m really hoping that in between school homework general rampant procrastination and job hunting I’ll be able to get some quality blogging done…bear with me.


About Faith Nicole

Someday I shall figure out what I want to do with my life, until then I shall read every book that falls into my lap and live every life imaginable through them. View all posts by Faith Nicole

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